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M46    Allegro for Six Trumpets - J.P. Telemann/arr. by R. Nagel
Transcription of a lively, trumpet-like movement from a concerto for 3 violins and 3 oboes. For Bb or C trumpets.
Grade 4   $10.00   (UPC: 636266700714)

M195     Baroque Trumpet Duets - Various Composers arr. Robert Nagel
Mr. Nagel arranged these for two trumpets & piano from the works of Bach, Handel, & Lully. A variety of styles, these are not for beginning players.
Gr. 4+    $7.95     (UPC: 636266703210) 

 M99    Baroque Trio - De Grigny / trans. Joe Keith
For three trumpets, transcribed from the same organ collection as M98, this canonic trio is an excellent showpiece for the high school. trumpet trio. Moderate ranges and rhythms make it a great performance choice.
Gr. 3+    $6.95   (UPC: 636266702107)

M43     Battle Hymn of the Republic - arr. by Robert Nagel 
(5 trumpets). Basically a first trumpet solo with a four trumpet accompaniment. (OMEA-A)
Grade 3    $9.00   (UPC: 636266700691)

M90     Canzona Secundo (La Martinenga) - F. Maschera / trans. Keith
An Italian composer and organist of the late Renaissance. Maschera wrote a set of 12 four-part instrumental canzone which are among the oles surviving Italian works published specifically for an instrumental ensemble not a vocal canzone.
Grade 2+    $7,95   (UPC: 636266700394)

M36    Concerto for Four Trumpets - JP Telemann/arr. by R. Nagel
Arrangement for Bb trumpets of a work for four solo violins, of which much of the thematic material is very trumpet-like. (TX, OH) (UIL-I)
Grade 4,    $12.50  (UPC: 636266700622)

M189     Consorts by Cornish - for 3 Trumpets - arr. Joe Keith
Consorts-Instrumental ensembles of the same family-were quite popular in the early 1600’s as the more formalized Baroque style suited musical ensembles perfectly.
Gr. 4    $8.95    (UPC:   636266703159)

M4     Contemporary Duets - Robert Nagel
(2 Trumpets)    Ten fascinating duets in contrasting styles.
Grade 3    $9.95  (UPC: 636266701575)

C16     Eight Duets for Trumpets (or horns) - Fastini/Glasel
Easy archaic works with much crossing of voices
Grade 3,    $9.50     (UPC: 636266701452)

 M122     Ensembles for Trumpet - Duets by Baustetter, Nagel and Bohm - Trios by Gurlitt, Pasquini, Heller, DeGrigny and Baustetter
Three duets and four trios make this collection  useable in a great many ways.  Score and parts included.
Grade 3/4    $10.95   (UPC: 636266702466)

M89     Famous Concert Duets from the Golden Age of the Cornet - P. Franceschini, ed. R. Nagel
Here are 6 compositions by trumpet virtuosos H.L. Clark, Kiefer, Losey, Reeves and Godfrey. A Companion CD Produced by the ITG and played by Terry Schwartz and M Nick Heese is included. ates new publication
Grade 4    $24.50    (UPC: 636266702633) 

M126     A Ground of Gibbon - Orlando Gibbons / trans. K. Singleton
This is M125 transcribed for a trumpet quartet.
Grade 4    $7.95    (UPC: 636266702503)

 M204     Handelian Trumpet Duets - Transcribed by Jack Kelly
From the vocal & Instrumental works of G. F. Handel. Fine literature for the mid level student Gr. 3 $10.95 

M188      Irish Dances - Giles Farnaby - arr. Joe Keith
This transcription of Farnaby’s Virginal music fits wind instruments perfectly. 3 dances for 3 trumpets melds together nicely for a first class concert or contest selection. Grade. 3    $10.95   UPC: 636266703302)

 M243     A Mighty Fortress Is Our God – Fanfare and hymn - arr. By Daniel Jones
For 4 Bb Trumpets. The 3rd and 4th trumpet parts are published with alternate parts for F Horn and Trombone, making this playable by almost any Combination. It can be used as a con- cert piece- The fanfare works in almost any situation, or as an introductory fanfare and hymn accompaniment.
Grade 3+    $14.50    (UPC: 040962415689)

M128     Music for Trumpets - Scott Wilkinson
Written for the 1985 ITG convention opening, this is an extended fanfare for 8 members of the trumpet section piccolo, regular, flugelhorn & bass.
Grade 4      $11.50    (UPC: 636266702527)

M192    Quietude for 4 Muted Trumpets & Percussion - J. D ‘Angelo
Dedicated to the students of the New York College of Music. Contemporary style
Gr. 5    $15.95    (UPC: 636266703180)

M88     Sonata for Two Trumpets - P. Franceschihi / ed. R. Nage
Writtin in the standard 4 movement "sonata" form - slow, fast, slow, fast, with modest ranges and rhythms, this piece is an excellent choice for concert or contest. A full score and set of parts of the original concert band arrangement is available for rental.
Grade 3+    $7.95    (UPC: 636266701629)

M42    The Sound of Trumpets - Robert Nagel
Six medleys for 3 trumpets: folk hymns chorales, Christmas carols, Easter hymns Thanksgiving and patriotic music.
Grade 2   $11.00   (UPC: 636266700684)

M106     Three Fantasies Thomas Morley, trans, Kenneth Singleton
Kenneth"s Three Fantasies transcribed and edited here as a second concert set for modern trumpets are from a set of Nine Fantasies written for two equal instruments in 1593. Transcribed For Two Trumpets,
$9.50   (UPC: 636266702299)  

M47    Three Pieces - Victor Kosienko
(3 trumpets). Delightful and entertaining characteristic pieces, tided Petroushka, Pastorale, and March.
Grade 2       $10.50   (UPC: 636266700721)

M208     Trumpet Suite in C - G.F. Handel, arr. J. Keith
(3 trumpets) Four contrasting movements also playable as individual pieces
Grade 4    $8.95    (UPC: 636266701681)