__M701    All My Heart This Night Rejoices - arr. W. Hutchison    
SAB, 2 C Trumpets    $1.65
An effective carol composition.  No. 1 from the series "Christmas Carols of Many Lands 
(USA). Duration; 2 min 30 sec. 

__M721    And My God - Scott Wilkinson   SSATBB a cappella    $1.85
A challenging setting of the text from Psalm 42: 11, moving from the solemn fmood of "O 
My soul, why are thour cast down..." to the joy of "For I shall yet praise Him... " Dedicated 
to Brad Holmes and the Milliken University Choir.

__M719    As the Hart - Scott Wilkinson    SAB    $1.85
Written for SAB choir with piano, this draws upon selected text from Psalm 42.  
Use of 6/4 meter and interesting harmonies gives this an intriguing musical character.     

__M605    Blessed Are They - Scott Wilkinson    SATB    $1.95
Here"s a beautiful, unusual setting of familiar text from The Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3,4,5,
8) for SATB choir, Alto solo and organ accompaniment (3 staff)

__M740 A Child"s Prayer - Scott Wilkinson - SATB, $1.75
"Lord teach a little child to pray... And maake it still my chief delight to serve thee while I live" A beautiful text combined with a lovely melody makes this a wonderful addition to any choir"s library

__M729    The Choir Invisible - Scott Wilkinson    SATB    $2.50
What a profound text by Georg Eliot (1819-1880), this musical setting is noble and 
majestic. "O May I join the choir invisible, of those immortal dead who live again in minds 
made better by their presence... In thoughts sublime that pierce the night like stars..."
__M729A The Choir Invosible (Clarinet part) $5.00

__M607    Choral Meditations for Today"s Worship - Scott Wilkinson   SATB            $1.95
This is a very useful collection of responses and service music. In four sections it 
provides: I. Calls to Worship (General, Christmas, Easter); II. Calls to Prayer; III.  
After Prayer; IV. Benedictions and Amens. Most may be done a cappella, or with 
keyboard doubling; some are written specifically to use chimes or handbells. The texture 
is primarily SATB, a few include some divisi.

__M64    Choir Praise Cantata - Robert Nagel    SATB    $3.50
Three movement work (Anthem, Communion, and Hosanna) for SATB chorus and brass 
quintet (or keyboard reduction); 1999 commission for the Aurora Brass Quintet and the 
Heritage Chamber Singers. Suitable for church or concert hall performance. 
Duration: 11 minutes; grade 4.

Also available: 
__M64A    Choir Praise Cantata - Brass Quintet accompaniment parts    $10.00  

__M604    Christmas Canopy - Scott Wilkinson    SATB    $2.25
A medley beginning with two Advent carols, Of the Father’s Love Begotten and O Come, 
O Come, Emmanuel; then five Christmas carols: The First Noel, We Three Kings, O Little 
Town of Bethlehem, I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day, and Joy to the World.

__M732    Come, Every One That Thirsteth - Scott Wilkinson    TTBB a cap.    $1.85
Very effective writing for the sound of men’s voices, a fine setting of familar texts from 
Isaiah 55: “Come, everyone that thirsteth...” and “For ye shall go out with joy...”.

__M608    Drop, Drop, Slow Tears - Scott Wilkinson    SATB a cap.    $1.85
The famous text by Phineas Fletcher (1580-1650) is set with great sensitivity for mixed 
voices, a cappella. Highly effective musical outpouring of the deep emotion expressed by 
these words.

__M49    A Festive Canticle - Scott Wilkinson    SATB    $2.50
SATB chorus and brass quintet. “Music for Advent and other joyous occasions.” “ 
expressive musical setting for the touching story of Zacharias and Elizabeth. Church and 
school performers alike should find it accessible and rewarding.” - Douglas R. McEwen,
- Arizona State University (ret.).

“... an intriguing combination of introspection and drama. The mysterioso beginning, 
satisfying development, and highly dramatic, festive conclusion work well for both players 
and singers.” - Charles K. Smith, Michigan State University.

Also Available:
__ M49A    A Festive Canticle - Brass Quintet accompaniment parts    $10.00

__M602 Four Whatevers - Scott Wilkinson    SATB    $1.95
A clever set of light-hearted and humorous songs, sure to please and amuse singers and 
audiences alike. Based on the familiar lines of "a stitch in time," "why, 0 why," "how now 
brown cow?" and "Peter Piper." 

Performed to a standing ovation at the ACDA Central Division convention
in February,1998. Duration: 6 min 30 sec.

__M601 Impressions- Scott Wilkinson    SATB    $1.40
An expressive, extended lyrical vocalize for mixed voices. Duration: 5 min, 15 sec. 

__M724    The Gettysburg Address - Scott Wikinson    Dbl SATB a cap.    $3.50
This short speech, which has become one of the truly iconic addresses in the history of 
American oratory, was delivered by Abraham Lincoln on Nov. 19, 1863, as a small part of 
the ceremonies marking the dedication of the soldiers’ cemetery at the Gettysburg 
battlefield. The musical texture, for double SATB choir, a cappella, is rich and full - both 
intense and noble, using many different meters for highly effective text setting.

__M725    Great Pictures Described by Great Writers - Scott Wilkinson    
SATB; SSA; TBB    $3.50
What a fascinating creative idea! Three famous paintings, with commentary by three 
famous writers, set to music in three different voicings: Mona Lisa, with the world-famous 
enigmatic little smile (Da Vinci/Pater) for SSA with oboe; Lilith, the man-destroying long-
haired temptress of early Jewish folklore (Rosetti/Swinburne), for TBB ad English horn; 
Marriage A-La-Mode 
(Hogarth/Dobson), a satire on the matrimonial practices of the day, 
for SATB with oboe.

__M713    Halleluia Sing - Scott Wilkinson    SSATB a cap.    $1.75
With the inclusion of a few alternate words making it usable for either Christmas or 
Easter, this is a versatile, joyous and rhythmic a cappella anthem that will engage both 
your singers and listeners. A delight!

__M728    How Long, O Lord - Scott Wilkinson    SATB    $2.50
The music powerfully conveys the texts selected from Psalm 13, from the anguish of 
“How long, O Lord, wilt Thou hide Thy face from me?” to the joyfulness of “My heart shall 
rejoice in Thy salvation.”

Also Available: 
__M728A    How Long O Lord - Oboe Part    $5.00

__M601    Impressions - Scott Wilkinson    SATB a cap        $1.85
An expressive, extended lyrical vocalise for mixed or men’s voices. Lovely, subtle 
shadings of sound. Duration: 5 min 15 sec.

__M603    Impressions - Scott Wilkinson    TTBB a cap    $1.85
An expressive, extended lyrical vocalise for mixed or men’s voices. Lovely, subtle 
shadings of sound. Duration: 5 min 15 sec.

__M720    Little David - Scott Wilkinson    $1.85
This well-known spiritual is given a highly rhythmic, fresh and creative setting 
- great fun for choir and listener alike!    SATB, $1.85

__M736    My Beloved - Brahms/ed. McEwen    2 part (SA)    $1.75
A lovely duet for treble voices, soprano and alto, with piano 4- hands accompaniment; 
#13 from Neue Lieberslieder, Op. 65, by Brahms. Both German and English texts are 
included (English text and editing by Dr. Douglas McEwen.)

__M727    My Dearest Friend - Scott Wilkinson    SATB a cap    $1.85
A tender setting of tender words, written by Abigail Adams on Christmas Day, 1780, to 
her husband, John Adams, while he was away on one of many extended trips required of 
him in the early days of a new nation, the United States of America. A song of love 
and devotion.

__M702    0 Come, Little Children - arr. Steve Dunn    SAB    $1.65
This fine anthem arrangement concludes with the inclusion of "0 Come All Ye Faithful.
Duration: 4 Min. (Germany)

__M709    0 Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go - Scott Wilkinson    
SATB a cap    $1.85
A beautiful musical setting of the well-known hymn text by George Matheson.
Duration: 3 min 15 sec.

__M734    O Sing Unto the Lord - Scott Wilkinson    SATB    $1.95    
An anthem of praise, for SATB with keyboard, using selected texts from Psalms 95 and 
98:  “O sing unto the Lord a new song...,” “Let the sea roar, let the floods clap their hands, 
let the hills be joyful...”. Pure exuberance!

__M722    Of Men and Angels - Scott Wilkinson    SATB a cap    $2.50
An intriguing work for SATB a cappella choir, setting well known texts from 1st 
Corinthians 13: “Though I speak with the tongues of men and angels, and have not love, 
I am nothing...,” “Now abideth these three: Faith, Hope and Love; the greatest of these is 

__M716    Of the Father"s Love Begotten - arr. Scott Wilkinson SAB,2 C trumpets    $1.85
Here’s a beautiful arrangement of the familiar and beloved melody, useful for the smaller 
choir, SAB, with keyboard (piano or organ) - with the addition of two C trumpets, 
providing an unexpected and delightful sonority.

__M738    Oh Love Divine - Handel/ed. Mcewen    SATB    $1.85
This is the final chorus from Handel’s oratorio “Theodora.” This edition was edited by Dr. 
Douglas McEwen. SATB with keyboard.

__M733    Our Eternal Home - Scott Wilkinson    SATB    $4.95
This extended anthem is big and joyful, written for a church centennial celebration. It 
concludes with an arrangement of a favorite hymn, O God Our Help in Ages Past. SATB 
with both piano and organ (3-staff).

__M731    The Proverbs of Solomon - Scott Wilkinson    SATB    $3.25
Creative use of an unusual accompaniment (double-reed ensemble: 2 oboes, English 
horn, bassoon) enhances this striking and intense choral work.

Also Available: 
__M731A    The Proverbs of Solomon - Instrumental Parts    $10.00

__M710 Psalm 119 - Scott Wilkinson    SATB    $1.50.
Verses 73 and 77 of Psalm 119 serve as the text for the creation of an outstanding 
anthem for church or concert performance. Recorded by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir 
on their CD, "Music and the Spoken Word." Duration: 4 min 15 sec. 

__M730    Psalm 121 - Scott Wilkinson    SAB a cap    $1.85
A setting of one of the most beloved of all the Psalm texts, this is a lovely song of 
assurance, for SAB a cappella.

__M717    Silent Night - arr. Scott Wilkinson    SATBB    $1.75
You think you know “Silent Night”? Here’s an arrangement with contemporary harmonies 
that will suprise and delight - all while retaining the calm, quiet character of the original 
carol. Fresh and interesting!

__M711    Sing! - Scott Wilkinson    SSAA a cap    $1.85
A lively and exciting a cappella work on a text adapted from Psalm 96. Excellent vocal 
writing. Duration: 2 min 28 sec.

__M704 Sing Hosannas (Poland) - arr. Robert Nagel    SAB, 2 C Trumpets   $1.65
This joyful anthem is comprised of three traditional carols: "When Christ Was Born," 
"Infant Holy," and "Sing Hosanna!" Duration: 3 min.

__M703 Sleep Pretty Child - arr. Scott Wilkinson    SAB    $1.65
A lovely new setting of a traditional Hispanic folk carol. Duration: I min 45 sec.

__M714    Song of Simeon - Scott Wilkinson    SATB a cap    $1.85
A piece for the Advent/Christmas season, using the familiar text from Luke 2:29-32, “Lord, 
now lettest Thou Thy servant depart in peace... for mine eyes have seen Thy salvation...”.

__M735    Spring - Scott Wilkinson    TTBB a cap    $1.95
A sprightly, entertaining work, madrigal-like in character, with text by Thomas Nashe. 
Pure exuberance for men’s ensemble!

__M739    This is the American Earth - Scott Wilkinson    SATB    $2.50
This is a powerful and emotional work, setting text by Nancy Newhall from the book of the 
same name, with photographs by Ansel Adams, published by the Sierra Club in 1960. An 
important message, still relevant today, delivered with musical intensity. SATB/keyboard.

__M726    Two Easter Episodes - Scott Wilkinson    SATB    $1.85
Despite the title, this is not about the resurrection. Rather, it portrays events prior to it: 1.) 
the betrayal in the Garden of Gethsemane, and, 2.) the trial of Christ before Herod and 
Pilate, and the crowd calling for His crucifixion. SATB, piano or organ.

__M718    Two Elegies - Scott Wilkinson    SATB    $1.85
Interesting musical interpretation of two texts of Gordon Getty, dealing with the 
inevitability of death and our reaction to that reality. Effective use of mixed meter.

__M723    Two Songs from Solomon - Scott Wilkinson    SATB div acap    $2.50
Two well known texts (“Rise up my love” and “Happy the man that wisdom finds” form 
the genesis of this work of contrasting character. Interesting meter changes are one of 
the compositional tools utilized for effective text setting.

__M715     Two Views of Love - Scott Wilkinson    SATB    $1.85
Two old texts with opposing opinions form the basis of this musically clever work: 1.) 
“Devotion” (“Fain would I change that note...”), and, 2.) “Love is a Sickness.” The second 
movement makes use of unusual changing meters which create wonderful rhythms, but 
may appear daunting at first; just keep the eighth note steady and you’ll have it!

__M708    Watch and Pray - Scott Wilkinson    SATB a cap    $1.75
The text is perfectly expressed in this thoughtful, contemplative piece, using a modern 
harmonic language, yet maintaining a quiet character, with the dynamic level never rising 
above mezzo-forte at one high point.

__M712    When in Our Music God is Glorified - Scott Wilkinson    SATB    $1.95
The wonderful words of Fred Pratt Green which have become a modern classic of 
hynnody and which have been set by many composers, are here endowed with a noble 
musical character, with a joyous “Alleluia” finale.

__M737    With the Voice of Praise - Handel/ed. McEwen    SATB    $1.95
Here is invigorating Baroque counterpoint at its best, in a lively and joyful chorus from 
Chandos Anthem No. 6. SATB with piano or organ, or with optional oboe and strings 
(parts available separately). Edited by Dr. Douglas McEwen.

Also available 
__M737A    With the Voice of Praise - Instrumental parts (Oboe, Strings)    $10.00