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Low Brass Ensemble

M107     Theme, Variations and Fughetta on a Russian Folk Song - Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Trans Kenneth Singleton for Four Trombones,
Rimsky-Korsakoff composed his "Four Variations and Fughetta on a Russian Folksong" for women"s voices in 1875. The characteristic Russian quality is actually enhanced when played by 4 trombonists. Grade 4 $8.95 (UPC: 636266702312)

Brass and Band

M30A     Suite for Brass & Band - Nagel
Written for the NYBQ and Cornell University Band. Each movenemtn features a different quintet member. Grade 4, $55.00

M30B Suite for Brass & Band - Nagel (Score only)

Brass and Woodwind Ensemble

M54    Divertimento for Ten Winds (1951) Robert Nagel. Five contrasted movements for combined woodwind quintet & brass quintet.
Grade 4, $39.95

M114     Fugue No. 9 - J.S. Bach / trans. Eddie Sauter 
For woodwind trio of flute, clarinet and bassoon. Eddie Sauter of the famous Sauter/Finnegan Orchestra has put together an exceptional piece for a quality group.
Grade 5, $7.95

Brass Trio

M108     Ricercar- Adrian Willaert, trans Kenneth Singleton
Adrian Willaert, was the Mestro di cappella at St. Markes in Venice. This "Ricercar" was transcribed from a set of nine three-voice imitative instrument pieces first published in 1551. Transcribed by Kenneth Singleton for Brass Trio of Horn in F, Trombone, Tuba (Bass Trombone) $6.95 (UPC: 636266702329)

Woodwind Ensemble

C18   Canonic Fugue (from Musical Offering) - J.S. Bach/ed. J. Glasel.
Arranged for Oboe (or Clarinet), Clarinet and Bassoon. Qality literature playable by High School groups. Grade 3+    $7.95

Percussion Ensemble

C12    RE: Percussion (1961) - F Karlin
For four players: (1) Bells, vibraphone, castanets, wood block, chimes; (2) xylophone, triangle, bass drum; (3) marimba, snare drum; (4) timpani, tom-toms, temple blocks.
Grade 4+    $13.50