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M149     Adagio and Allegro - Trumpet/piano - Robert Nagel
This manuscript was found in Mr. Nagel’s papers after he died. We believe it was writ ten during Bob’s tenure at Yale. Mildly contemporary, with soaring melodies and few rhythmic challenges, a worthy addition to the solo repertoire.
Grade .4    $7.95     (UPC: 636266702749)

M84      Canto No. 2 - Bordogni, ed. J. Keith
Here is the newest arrangement from the series of 24 Vocalices Facile et Progressives by Bordogni. An excellent legato study for trumpet and piano.
Grade      3    5.95  (UPC: 636266701797)

M77      Canto no. 8- Bordogni, ed. J. Keith
A beautiful lyric solo - trumpet and piano.
Grade 3+,    $5.95

M84     Canto No. 2    -   Bordogni/ed. Joe Keith -  Trumpet and Piano
Here is the newest arrangement from the series of 24 Vocalizes Facile et Progressives by Bordogni. An excellent legato study for trumpet and piano.
Grade 3    $5.95   (UPC: 636266701797)

 M77     Canto No. 8 - Bordogni/ed. Joe Keith - Trumpet and Piano
A beautiful lyric solo - trumpet/piano
Grade. 4    $5.95  (UPC: 636266701674)

M86     Carnival of Venice - Levy, ed. Schwartz - Trumpet and Piano
There are many versions of this famous folk song, but this edition ranks among the best of them. Intrada, theme and 4 variations make up the Levy edition.
Grade 5,   $7.95   (UPC: 636266701230)

M123     Concert Music for Trumpet & Piano - Robert Nagel
This is an original piece written in 1969 while Nagle was teaching at the Aspen Music Festival.  The work is highly chromatic, almost 12 tone melodic writing as well as a sparse and pointillist texture between the solo and keyboard lines.  
Grade 5,    $7.95   (UPC: 636266702473)

M87     Concertino Op. 163  - Fernand Andrieu - Trumpet and Piano
French pedagogue, publisher and composer (D. 1935). A new edition of a famous standard in the Romantic style, an excellent recital or contest solo for the discriminating soloist.
Grade. 4-    $7.95    (UPC: 636266701247)

M53    Concerto for Trumpet - Robert Nagel - Trumpet. and piano
Original string orchestra accompaniment is also available separately
Grade 4,    $18.95   (UPC: 636266700806)

M53A   Trumpet part, full score, set of string parts (2-2-1-1-1)    $30.00   (UPC: 636266700813)
Extra string parts available, $2.50 each

M26    Conjectures for Tuba - Eddie Sauter (tuba and piano).
A single movement with contrasting sections. Brilliant virtuoso tuba part.
Grade 5,  $8.95   (UPC: 636266700523)

M95     Corelli Suite - A. Corelli / Arr. J. Keith - Trumpet and Piano 
Baroque trumpet solos are always fun and exciting, and this solo meets all of the requirements. Three move- ments - Sarabande, Arioso, and Gigue, each fitting the style perfectly.
Grade 4    $6.95  (UPC: 636266700820)

M205    Dialogue for Oboe & Piano - Scott Wilkinson - Oboe and Piano
Written for a college oboe professor, this is a great example of quality literature.
Grade 5    $11.00   (UPC: 636266703319)

M61    Easy Lyric Solos - Jules Levy  - Trumpet and Piano
A collection of beautiful melodies by Mendelssohn, Schubert, Gluck and Moore as conceived for trumpet or comet and piano by the great comet virtuoso, Jules Levy.
Edited and brilliantly recorded along with Levy"s virtuoso solos on compact disc by Terry Schwartz.
Grade 2,   $13.95   (UPC: 636266700943)
(also available M61CD - Piano accompaniment compact disc)

M61CD Easy Lyric Solos - Piano Accompaniment Disc - $15.00  (UPC: 636266700943)

C17 Fantasy for Horn and Piano - Tillotson - Horn and Piano
A moderately easy modern piece for French Horn.
Grade 3,    $8.95  (UPC: 636266701469)

M66    Music for Charles - Robert Nagel
A recital piece for Bb or C trumpet and piano. this is a rhapsodic fantasia, lyrical and free in form.  A companion piece for M65.
Grade 3,    $7.95  (UPC: 636266701018)

M65    Music for Giacomo - Robert Nagel
A recital piece for C or Bb trumpet and piano, expressive lyrical writing.
Grade 3,    $7.95  (UPC: 636266701001)

M164    Six Popular Songs from the French Low Country - Pierre Ancelin - Trumpet and Piano
Folk melodies make excellent study material for the aspiring student-moderate ranges & easy rhythms.
Grade 3    $9.95   (UPC: 636266702909)

M85    Solos for the Advanced Cornetist - Jules Levy, ed. Schwartz
Levy wrote a multitude of cornet solos, each one utilizing the power of the cornet to amaze and enthrall his listeners. This edition of several of Levy"s most famous solos includes a performance CD played by Terry Schwartz.
Grade 4+     $22.95  (UPC: 636266700356)

M31    Sonata a 5 - Giuseppi Torelli
(D trumpet, strings & cont.). May be performed with piano (cont.) accompaniment only.
Grade 3   $9.95  (UPC: 636266700578)

M23    Sonata con Tromba - Arcangelo Corelli
(trumpet, strings and/or piano accomp.) In four movements.
Grade 2,   $15.95   (UPC: 636266700509)

M15    Sonata for Tuba - Alec Wilder - Tuba and Piano
                     A challenging and exciting work in four movements, written for Harvey Phillips.
Grade 5,  $11.00  (UPC: 636266700448)

M194    Sonatina for Trombone - J.D’Angelo - Trombone Solo
Exceptional composition by this contemporary British composer. Recital quality for the collegiate player.
Grade 5    $15.00  (UPC: 636266703203)

C15     Three Sonatas for Trumpet - Fastini/Glasel  - Trumpet and Piano
Contrasting settings by this Baroque master trumpeter and composer. With keyboard realization by Carl Rosenthal.
Grade 3+,   $7.95   (UPC: 636266701476)

M14    Trumpet Processional - Robert Nagel  - Trumpet and Organ or Piano
String orchestra accompaniment version is available on rental.
Grade 2, $6.00  (UPC: 636266700431)

C11    Two Moods for Tuba - D. Swann - Tuba and Piano
A humorous piece of moderate difficulty.
Grade 4,     $7.95  (UPC: 636266701490)

M3     Varieties - Nagel  - For C trumpet and piano.
A challenging work written for Italian trumpeter Ivano Ascari.
Grade 5    $11.50  (UPC: 636266700554)

 M222    Vignettes - Scott Wilkinson - Oboe/Piano
This 5 movement piece explores everything about the oboe. Written for a university faculty recital.
Grade. 5    $12.50  (UPC: 040962415481)

M203    Vocalize Masterworks - arr. Joe Keith - Trumpet & Piano
Transcribed from the best melodies of Panofka, Bordogni, Panseron & Bordese, these make beautiful recital pieces for concert or contest.
Grade 3    $11.00 (UPC: 636266703296)



C16    Eight Duets for Trumpets (or Horns) - G. Fantini, ed. J. Glasel
Easy archaic works with much crossing of voices.
Grade 3,  $9.95  (UPC: 636266701452)