__ Men-107 Bach and Before
Compact Disc: $15.95
New York Brass Quintet Recording, Vol 1. A unique archival sound document of recorded concert performances and studio sessions between 1971 and 1984. Serious, significant literature in the kind of   exciting performances for which the NYBQ was justly famous. Music of Bach, Corelli, Cesualdo, Pezel, Praetorious and others.

__Men-101  Baroque Music for Trumpet
- Compact disc: $15.95
Robert Nagel, trumpet., Gilbert Kalish, piano; "music minus one" format.
Tracks 1-014 - solo performance.
Tracks 15-28 - accompaniment only

also available:
__00008311 Baroque Music for Trumpet
$6.95 (Published by Hal Leonard)
Companion music book for CD of same title.- ed. Robert Nagel, for trumpet/piano

__Men-103 Canticles for Brass ("Klassische Blasermusik") 
- compact disc - (Discontinued - Now out of print)
The King's Brass with Robert Nagel and Phillip Smith. Brass Quintet music: Bach, Brahms, Corelli, Marcello, Mendelssohn and Nagel.

__Men-102 The Regal Trumpet
Compact Disc - $15.95
Robert Nagel & Allan Dean, trumpets., Gilbert Kalish, piano. More "music minus one" baroque music, similar to Men-10

__00008369 - The Regal Trumpet Book (Published by Hal Leonard)
- For trumpet(s)/piano $7.95
companion music book  for LP and Cassette of same title, ed. Robert Nagel

__ Men-106 The Sound of Trumpets 
- CD: $10.00 
-Robert Nagel. trumpet. Solos with orchestra, and unaccompanied trumpet trios. 
(See music collection of same name, #M42)

__Men-108 Romantic Age Brass (New York Brass Quintet Volume 2) 
- CD: $15.99  Music of Maurer, Weald, Ramsoe, Ewald, Bohme
Includes these selections: